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MakeMy AI

Generate Your Own AI


Early Access - MakeMy AI

Supporters of our crowdfunding campaign will gain EARLY ACCESS to an AI which trains on their personal content. The resulting algorithm is YOUR PROPERTY and is protected by the same safeguards as your personal content.

Version 1 - MakeMy AI

Applying what we learn from Early Access, your AI will know your history, background, experiences and relationships. We envision that the output of V1 is text in a form similar to ChatGPT, with stories specific to you.

Many Memories From Emotional Impact Video.jpg

Version 2 - MakeMy AI

Your AI will continue to learn about you while protecting your privacy. We anticipate that V2 should generate personalized content for many different needs.

V3 - MakeMy AI

Version 3 of MakeMy AI is envisioned as your own personal super-smart AI assistant, empowered to represent your interests. Most importantly, this AI will belong to YOU

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